The Wellness Clinic

Meet Doctor Joanna

I graduated with MBBS (United Kingdom) in 1996, and started my first aesthetic practice in 2001. It was a time when the aesthetic industry was still in its infancy in Singapore, even the term “aesthetics” was still unheard of in those days. In the early days of my career, I built a solid foundation in aesthetics and cosmetic medicine by going through training and mentorship with learned and experienced practitioners in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Korea and USA. Over the past decade, I have gone on to treat thousands of patients and have performed a vast array of procedures to enhance and improve skin complexion, facial features, and body contours.

Degrees/Courses/Workshops Attended:

  • MBBS (United Kingdom)
  • Postgraduate Dip. in Practical Dermatology (United Kingdom)
  • Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (United Kingdom)
  • Board Certified Dip. in Aesthetic Medicine (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine)
  • Board Certified in Anti Aging Medicine (American Board of Anti Aging Medicine)
  • International Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine)
  • Certificate of Training, Asian Workshop Aesthetic Medicine
  • Certified Laser Physician, Arcadia Laser Course
  • Certificate of Training, Cynosure Laser Systems
  • Certificate of Training – Juvederm
  • Certificate of Training – Restylane
  • Cetrificate of Competence – Sculptra
  • Certificate in Contour Thread Lift
  • Certificate in Silhouette Thread lift
  • Certificate of Completion, Klein Tumescent Liposuction Course (USA)
  • Certificate of Training, 4th Breast & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Course (Korea)
  • Certificate of Attendance, Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Macrolane™ Breast Augmentation Workshop


  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • European Academy of Cosmetic Medicine
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology
  • American College of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Physicians
  • American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine
  • The World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Singapore Medical Association

My Approach To Aesthetic Medicine

The culmination of my training and experience has been to form my own approach to each individual case, with my own signature treatment regimen for each patient. This is what I call the “3-D” approach to skin treatment, which means, I often combine two, if not, three procedures at one time.

Combining Procedures

Our skin is one of the most delicate structures in our body, yet it is the most vulnerable to the ravages of time and the environment around us. Everyone’s skin has a limit to the intensity of treatment it can tolerate. This threshold limit varies so much from person to person, that it is impossible, to know for sure where this limit lies with each individual.

If the approach to treatment was to use just one treatment modality to address a certain type of skin problem, the only option available would be to increase or decrease the intensity of the treatment to achieve the desired result.

Such a one-dimensional approach of using one treatment modality and increasing its intensity in an effort to achieve better results will test the limits of skin tolerance and can result in unpredictable and sometimes damaging results. High treatment settings can also lead to pain and discomfort during and after treatment, as well as prolong recovery time, making the whole experience unpleasant for the patient.

3-D Approach

In my 3-D approach to skin treatment, I often combine two, if not three procedures that are individually gentle and safe, but in combination, provides excellent results.

Each procedure is done at a safe and comfortable setting, and in quick succession. They target different layers and structures of the skin, thus treating the skin at all levels. This approach can lead to “1 plus 1 equals 3” effect, with minimal pain, minimal downtime, but crucially, maximum safety and excellent results.

The treatment procedures are complemented with dermatological products from our very own customised skin care range. We formulate and prescribe products of the highest quality, to provide optimal post-treatment skin recovery and ensure continual improvement of the skin condition long after each treatment session.