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The Wellness Clinic was first opened in 2001. Today, TWC employs a team of skilled aestheticians and has an excellent range of leading anti-ageing technology and equipment. Offering a wide selection of safe, effective and practical rejuvenation therapies and aesthetic treatments, we attribute the clinic’s success to the passion and extra-special care that each individual patient receives.


  • Lightens pigmentation
  • Skin rejuvenation and brightening effects
  • Minimizes enlarged pores and improves skin texture


  • Restores lost volume
  • Plumps up hollow areas (e.g. chin filler or cheek filler)
  • Fills out fine lines and wrinkles to achieve a youthful look


  • Lifting and tightening of lax skin
  • Lines reduction with new collagen synthesis
  • Visible results with just 1 session
  • Non-surgical, US FDA approved

    Why Choose TWC?

    In coming to The Wellness Clinic you are part of an increasing number of women and men actively choosing to refine and improve their appearance. Aesthetic medicine is not about radically changing your looks. It is about looking the very best you can. Once regarded as treatments only for the rich and famous celebrities, treatments are now available to everyone who seeks them.

    A few years ago most patients seeking aesthetic improvements were women, but men are now taking up treatments much more frequently. Once regarded as a vain indulgence, aesthetic enhancement is now commonplace for people who are concerned about maintaining or improving their looks and shape.

    For women it may be the cellulite on their legs or the hard to shift fat pocket on the stomach and outer thighs or the shape of their arms. For men, the shape of the small double chin or the hair on their back or the deep lines on the forehead. Of course for women and men it may be as simple as getting some advice and care to improve skin tone and texture and to enrich the skin and make it glow with health and vitality.

    At the The Wellness Clinic we can offer a comprehensive range of safe and effective therapies. We do laser hair removal, muscle relaxing botulinum toxin injections, and various fillers, lip enhancing injections and facial volumising (Sculptra) enhancement. We have lasers and sclerotherapy to treat spider veins of the legs and face. We have advanced body contouring. We also have specific lasers to improve skin tone and texture and to diminish facial blemishes and acne scars.

    No matter what your needs are we will give you honest and ethical advice. We use products and procedures that are safe and effective. All the staff are fully and appropriately trained.

    We promise to treat you with dignity, courtesy and consideration. We will be sensitive to your concerns and only recommend treatments that are right for you.