Acne Scarring

Acne scarring is a frequent occurrence and the unsightly damage to the skin can be difficult to treat but recent advances in laser therapy now offer effective treatments in minimizing the effects of acne scarring.

Until recently, the only available treatment for acne scars was “resurfacing lasers” using CO2 fractional technology such as Fraxel. This technology treated scars by removing a few microns of the top layer of the skin with each treatment. Multiple treatments were required to achieve a gradual smoothening of the skin. However, the results were disappointing as the resurfacing technique was not able to treat deep scar tissue below the skin surface, that tethered and pulled the skin surface downwards, causing deep divots in the skin. CO2 resurfacing also lead to a number of complications when used to treat Asian skin, in particular, burns and hyperpigmentation.

Instead of resurfacing the skin from the top down, we now have a laser that targets the scar fibres beneath the skin surface. This 600 micron optic fibre laser is introduced under the skin surface to target the scar fibres that pull the skin surface down to create divots, craters and pitted scars. Releasing the scar fibres eliminates the “downward pull” of scar tissue below the skin, allowing the skin to spring up to its natural position resulting in a smoother skin surface.

Significant improvement is achieved after just one treatment, eliminating the need for multiple treatment sessions and reducing the risk of complications.

“We now have an exciting new technology that is fast replacing resurfacing lasers and is proving to be the most effective treatment for acne scarring currently available.”

– The Wellness Clinic, Aesthetic and Medical Services

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