Regenera Activa®
Hair Loss Treatment

Regenera Activa® is a US FDA approved treatment for Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

Do you want to have a full, thick head of hair, but consider a hair transplant too expensive, too dangerous or too extreme? Regenera® Activa is an effective non-surgical method that is now available to restore hair.

The Regenera® procedure makes use of tissue from a patient to create an ideal cocktail of growth enhancement cells that is introduced into the scalp or the skin to encourage hair growth. The process involves just one sitting and results can be seen as early as within a month. Regenera Activa is approved by the US FDA, Japan’s PMPD and is CE certified.

This procedure is to combat hair loss, delaying hair loss and preventing any loss volume. Regenera® Activa is one of the safest and effective hair transplant treatment. It is a pain-free therapy relying on own cells to regenerate new hair follicles for the scalp which will eventually lead to new hair growth. Regenera Activa helps to activate dormant cells under the scalp, and inactive hair follicles.

This latest Capillary Regenerative technology, Regenera Activa®’s patented system uses progenitor cells from the patient’s scalp to reactivate hair growth and support existing hair follicles.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the treatment work?

Regenera Activa is carried out by getting small samples of the skin along the back of the scalp. The treatment is comfortably carried out in the clinic using local anesthesia.

Skin cell samples are then clinically administered by the Regenera Activa device, dividing cell samples into miniature and absorbable portions.

The cells obtained by tissues taken through punch biopsy from the patient are afterwards fused with a special solution. This solution is then injected into areas on the individual’s scalp that are experiencing hair loss.

The whole process of Regenera Activa is quick and efficient, and it only takes 30 to 45 minutes, and only one session is required.

How is this procedure done?

Regenera Activa® is a comfortable 3-step procedure which takes up to 60 minutes.

Step 1: Local anaesthesia is applied around the nape of the neck and with the use of a punch biopsy tool 3 skin samples are taken with a diameter of only 2.5mm each.

Step 2: The samples collected are then subjected to mechanical processing and filtration in a specialized device to isolate progenitor cells, stem cells and growth factors, all of which have regenerative abilities.

Step 3: The suspension prepared is then reintroduced to the area of the scalp which requires treatment using fine tiny needles. This initiates the repair process and stimulates blood vessel formation and regeneration of hair follicles.

Am I suitable for this procedure?

Regenera Activa will greatly benefit individuals of both gender, who wishes to not go through a surgical procedure for hair transplant.

Treatment can also be carried out on individuals who are looking to be pregnant, as no side effects are known to occur after.

Regenera Activa also provides effective results for individuals who do not require total hair transplant and are experiencing local hair loss only.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results from the treatment can be witnessed within 30 days and individuals are able to resume daily activities after the session as zero downtime is observed.

This treatment enables the hair to return to its normal life cycle. Therefore the density and the thickness quality of the hair is increased, and the rate of hair loss improves significantly.

Meet Doctor Elendrus Teo

Dr Teo graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from the National University of Singapore (NUS), and holds a NUS Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine. He brings vast experiences from general surgery and Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) departments.

His interest in aesthetic medicine piqued during his years with the facial plastics team within the ENT practice. Being committed to enabling his patients become more confident, Dr Teo decided to venture into aesthetic medicine by helping his patients to look their best. Having an innate eye for beauty, Dr Teo is best known for facial contouring with injectables. He endeavours to tailor each treatment according to his patients’ needs.

To keep himself at the forefront of aesthetic medicinal advancements, Dr Teo is always actively improving himself. He has completed various courses on facial fillers, Pigment Lasers, Lasers for skin resurfacing, Fractional Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, Lasers, and IPL for hair removal, Chemical Peels, and Devices for Skin Tightening and Body Contouring. He continues to attend aesthetic medicine graduate workshops held at the Singapore National Skin Centre.

Being friendly and reassuring, Dr Teo’s patients fully trust him to help them achieve better aesthetic health. In his leisure time, Dr Teo enjoys skiing and football.

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